About Us

Founded in 1999, our company has become one of Turkey’s leading manufacturer of mineral fillers with a successful history. It produces various functional fillers for the plastics, paint and food sectors. Continuing investments on different regions and minerals. Behind the success of Gülmer Mining, there is a customer-oriented and productivity-oriented management.

Gülmer Mining has production facilities in three locations: Bilecik, Aydın and Pakistan

We have three different lines in our facility in Bilecik. We produce talc, barite, gypsum and dolomite in these lines. R & D activities are carried out on laboratory scale production lines.

In our second investment, our Aydın production facility has a drying and calcined rotary kiln that can reach high temperatures, as well as two grinding plants.

In the drying and calcined plant we produce diatomite (for liquid filtration), magnesite (to increase the coating in the paint industry) and hydro magnesite (used as flame retardant in the plastics industry)

Our third investment, Pakistan Karachi, produces talc in different sizes addressed to the Plastic, Paint and Ceramic sectors

Our Facilities


10.000 m2

  • Dolomit
  • Barit
  • Mika
  • Hidromagnezit

10.000 m2

  • Talk
  • Barit
  • Dolomit
  • Alçı Taşı

20.000 m2

  • Talk

Our Laboratory

Laboratory-scale paint and plastic compounds are produced in our laboratory for R & D studies. In addition, we have two devices that measure the grain size using both laser (Mastersizer) and Sedigraph methods for tracking the production line. We monitor the color values of the minerals produced by the Elrepho device, in addition to the analysis of oil absorption, sieve balance, acid insoluble and moisture values in our products.

The devices in our laboratory for R & D studies;

  • Portable pH meter
  • Specific Gravity Cups, 100ml/Stainless steel
  • Wet Abbrasion Scrub Tester
  • Sand Milling Dispersing Agitator ,
  • Digital Rotary Viscometer, 10-100.000 mPas
  • Digital Rotary Viscometer, 20-2.000.000 mPas
  • Wet Film Thickness Gauge, 20-200 mikron
  • Dry Film Thickness Gauge, Fe/NFe, Digital
  • Grindometre, 0-50 micron DOUBLE CHANNEL
  • Compound Extuder
  • Impact Tester cihazı
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • Ash Furnace
  • Etuve
  • MFI Testing
  • Glow Wire Teast
  • Spektrofotometre, 4mm & 8mm
  • Oven, 50 L /300°C
  • Film Aplikater 50-100-150-200 mikron – 80mm
  • Physical Analysis
  • Mastersizer 2000
  • Mastersizer 3000
  • Sedigraph III 5100
  • Elrepho
  • Oil obserbtion analise
  • Acid tests
  • Humunity analise
  • XRF
  • SEM Electro Microscope

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Production Volume

TALC – Tons / Year
BARITE – Tons / Year
DOLOMITE – Tons / Year
GYPSUM – Tons / Year
MICA – Tons / Year
DIATOMITE – Tons / Year

Our Documents

ISO 9001

ISO 14001


FSSC 22000